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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#marketlane dessert cups & spoons review

20 cups
20 spoons

Simple yet unique. If you look close you can see that there is little frosted squares around the top for a cute little design. Both the spoon and cup are a nice thick type of plastic. To where you can maybe save them and re-use them if wanted (wash by hand to not scuff them up). Very nice for get togethers, lunch, at home snacks, etc... The cups are of a decent length and size. And the spoons have a nice little dip in them much like soup spoons. All and all this is a very nice set. Highly recommended to those that through a lot of functions and or get togethers. Or even if you just have a big family and like to make deserts, etc...
All & all 5 stars from me as they can be re-used with proper care

You can check them out here: LEARN MORE OR BUY HERE

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