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Friday, August 26, 2016

#NextLevelPet TOOTHBRUSH KIT review

1 toothbrush
2 finger toothbrushes

I'll admit I was a bit worried to try them at first as I didn't know how well my fur baby would like it. But he sat that at looks to me like he thought it felt pretty good to get his teeth clean. The brush is extra long to get way in back which I love and I also love that the brush have two different sizes at each end for the teeth. And the grips doe both end makes for easy brushing. Now for the finger brushes they didn't fit very well. And one was like a tooth brush while the other was rubber. Not sure about using those a lot. But will give it another try in the future.
All and all 4 stars from me as I like the truth brush itself, And think it works rather well

You can check them out here: LEARN MORE OR BUY HERE

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