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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

#PetTastic dog collar REVIEW

1 Collar

I truly love this design as it fits my fur babies personality rather well. (colorful and bright graffiti design). They also offer several designs and sizes for girls and boy fur babies of any size (sm, med & lg.. flowers, patterns, etc..) that will fit the needs of you and your fur baby for sure. Has a cute and durable id tag holder built in so you don't have to hook it to the collars leash holder. Adjust rather well for several sized fur baby necks. Its a  printed polyester webbing strap with an ultra soft neoprene lining. Also I am not sure if its just my fur baby or not but it does not dirty easily which is cool for the both of us.

 All and all 5 stars from me as it is unique and one of a kind compared to other collars we have tried in the past.

Monday, June 11, 2018

#HanziPets soft chews REVIEW

 I was sent:
1 container of 120 soft chews

They have a scent I can't really describe a cross between cooking cubes and cheese it's.  They imple to give to you fur baby as they are bite sized chews (mine take it as a treat rather then hidden in thetre food). They are formulated for dogs up to 25 and over 100+ pounds.  Give out as noted Up to 25 pounds take one, 25-50 pounds take two, etc... Hanzi pets tru-activ hip + joint care offers such ingredients as vitamin c, vitamin e, rice bran and several more. They are also made with a  NO COOK PROCESS. Which i find very unique. 120 chews can last a small breed dog about 4 months of chews, about 2 months for medium breeds & about a 1 month supply for large breed dogs. Can be given to several dog breeds. I myself have a pit mix and a dalmation I have given them to. And have not had an issue for either one. 

All and all 4 stars from me as they are soft to the touch but fall apart in an instant.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


1 Unconfine bikini

Made of:
OUTSIDE 82% Polamide, 18% Lycra/Spandex
INSIDE 88% polyester, 12% spandex

First I want to save neither picture does it justice. The flowers are so much more brighter & detailed in person. With a lovely navy blue and baby blue over lay tone/ fade to each flower. I really like the over the shoulder look as I have never seen it on a bikini before. The criss cross front of the bust really helps to keep the bust in place. The extra length in the tie back adds for a cute little flare to the bikini itself. The bottoms are just your standard bottoms. I think maybe because the top has a lot going on. But would also be cute it they cam in a boy short design with the criss cross on the sides to match the bust. More for those without curves.

All and all 4 stars from me as I think you should be able to adjust the size when buying. I got Xl. Top fits a little snug. but bottoms fit rather well. 


Saturday, May 19, 2018

#DrinkPod social REVIEW 2

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Great Deal!
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Saturday, May 12, 2018

#DrinkPod social REVIEW

This is an awesome new type of kitchen appliance that nobody has heard of yet!
Its a personal bottled water factory, and then some.
Enjoy the taste of bottle water in the comfort of your own home. Without having to buy and or get rid of pesky bottles of water. 

Sonic Electric Toothbrush social REVIEW

Hey, Check out this cool new electric toothbrush!
This sonic electric toothbrush is rechargeable and comes with 4 replacement heads.
Offers 100 days of use with each head, 2 minute brush timing, 30 second replacement head reminder timing and up to 6 hours of charge time before you have to charge it again. Perfect for home and travel. Can also be given as a gift for those who love to take extra care of personal hygiene, or for those who love to travel as it  comes with an awesome travel case as well. Honestly the only thing that would make this set any better is if it came in different colors and or designs. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

#kitchenappliance Social REVIEW

Finally, something new and exciting added to the  water technology world that just about everyone can stand behind. It's an appliance that is capable of turning undrinkable water into delicious and flavorful water in seconds, right from the privacy of your own home. Stop buying bottled water and start using drink pod. Wonderful for everyday use as well as get togethers. Awesome as a gift or to be used in a work setting as its highly unique.

Check out this awesome small kitchen appliance and more by this brand here: