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Friday, April 8, 2016

Swiss Bolm review

1 Herb cold sore remedy tube 
1 Lemon herb dry lip remedy
1 Lavender healing foot creme

The Herb cold sore remedy tube smells super yummy much like lemon. And is soft to the touch not waxy like other brands. Helps prevent blisters, scabbing, redness and swelling as described.

The Lemon herb dry lip remedy also smells amazing. And looks waxy (kinda like that yellow and blue container of lip stuff from back in the day) but it's actually soft to the touch and fells wonderful when in use (much like silk. 

The Lavender healing foot creme smells somewhat like lye soap rather then lavender. And the feel is thick much like a creme but once rubbed in it truly leaves your feet feeling soft like a baby's bum
All and all 5 stars from me as al products truly work and are not overwhelming in scents

You can check them out here: Swiss bolm review

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