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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Organic fiji review

 1 Raw oil pineapple coconut lotion 3oz
1 Pineapple coconut lotion
1 Fragrance free lotion
1 Fragrance free scrub
1 Night blooming jasmine soap
1 Pineapple coconut soap
3 Fragrance free soaps 

I just want to say I was super excited to to get these products. When reading upon them they sounded so good. And they made the fragrance seem very appealing. 

But I am not very pleased with what I was sent. As the samples with fragrance smelled really good and are. None of the products worked very well. The lotions did not help my peeling skin on my problem areas (nose, forehead, etc...) as they should have like other brands do. The scrub was super hard and I couldn't even get it out of the jar to try it. The soap is a bit oily. And in all honestly would work really well in making candles. Something Organic fiji should try as I would buy one with a pineapple coconut sent. 

All and all 2 stars from me as they did not work very well but are natural. :) :) :)

You can check them out here: organic fiji website

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