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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Grandmas lye soap review

 I was sent:
1 laundry soap powder
1 pure bar lye soap

The laundry soap and pure bar soap work really well. I really love how the company makes the products a little personal. Both of which smell much like the green soap used in tattooing. 

For the laundry soap it suggest using white vinegar in replace of fabric softener in the final rinse. I however didn't as I don't use fabric softener at all. And not all suds like other brands.

The pure bar soap is not your regular bar soap. It leaves your skin actually feeling washed and clean. Also not oily on skin or bar like other brands ten to do.

All and all 5 stars from me. And I highly recommend to anyone who has issues with laundry soap and or bar soaps (ie: rashes, eczema, dry skin etc...) Also excellent for the hunter in your life. :) :) :)

You can check them out here: grandmas lye soap website


  1. If you had a choice between your normal brand of laundry soap and this one... which one would you pick?
    Just wondering if you use lotion after a bath. I would think that lye soap would dry out your skin because it is so harsh.

    1. I would choose this one as I love the sent and it brings back memories of my childhood. I do use lotion after my bath as I feel it helps hydrate my skin. No it wasn't harsh at all and was actually a little thick to the touch but once I put it on my skin it was soothing. Sorry for the late reply. :)