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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Snugg ipad air case review

iPad Air 360 Rotatable Keyboard Case

This is one of the best cases I have ever go to use. It is very durable as the case is semi thick. My Ipad air fits very snug. I love that I can now make my ipad into a mini laptop but a cooler on as I can make it rotate in the directions I need it in. (ie: facing me, half facing me, facing others, overlapping the keyboard etc...) The touch pen that stays snug inside of the key board was a big plus so I don't lose it like I have many others. The keyboard was very simple to set up with my Ipad. I also have to add that I love how its a snug close so the kids cant monkey with it. Highly recommend to students, college students, workers that use Ipad. Or just anyone with an Ipad in general. Well worth it..

All and all 5 stars from me as this is a product I will always use well into the future.

You can check them out here: snugg amazon page

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