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Friday, January 29, 2016

Skin Glows by Celeste

I was sent:
1 Whipped vanilla bean sugar scrub
1 Organic spearmint lip balm
1 Whipped bliss body butter

The whipped vanilla bean sugar scrub smells amazing. So amazing that I would eat it as frosting on a cake. Smells like it too. I used it on my face and it does a pretty good job. You can feel the sugar in it working the pours in you skin. 

The organic spearmint lip balm really repairs and replenishes dry and damaged lips. Its also very soft and leaves  your lips feeling silky

The whipped bliss body butter Looks some what like dried butter but works well on problem areas (dry skin areas) such as ankles, elbows, hands etc.. And is soft to the touch and on skin. Its also smells really good almost like whipped icing on a cake. 

All & all 4 stars from me as each product smells amazing. But the  Whipped vanilla bean sugar scrub is rather oily :) :) :)

You can check them out here: Skin Glows by Celeste page

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