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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Infantcity magnetic safety locks review

I was sent:
2 Magnetic keys
6 Lock’s
6 Latches
2 Key holders
2 Safety latch locks 
6 Extra foam adhesives

All items are quick/easy to install and use as they have the adhesive backing on each. They can be installed on cupboards, dressers, medicine cabinets etc… I do however see them not sticking forever if they are put on cupboards, dressers etc… that are used often. To help them stay stuck longer then normal I would use super glue. I also like the fact that the magnetic keys are heavy duty.  I recommend these to anyone with kids or anyone that just wants to keep things under lock. 

All & all 4 stars from me as there should be a better way to make them stick longer  :) :) :)

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