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Saturday, March 11, 2017

#terramaxpro Pure Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats REVIEW

1 bottle salmon oil

I honestly thought I would be sent a much smaller bottle. But was sent this 32oz bottle. That should last us several months. As I myself use only 2 pumps (easy pump action bottle) for my fur baby (1 and a half year old male pit bull) weight of 25-50 lbs as according to the bottle. This brand goes up to 6 pumps for fur babies that weigh over 100 lbs. I will say you can smell the salmon as soon as opening. But once in the food you can't smell it so it don't stink up the house. And or your fur babies breath. And you will see results in 3 days or at least I did.  Shiner coat, a maintained weight of 40 lbs, less shedding of his fur, etc.. Per the label, This product has to be refrigerated after each use to get the full effect. It's made of al natural products (OMEGA 3, OMEGA 6, etc...) for a shiny coat as well as  heart health and more. I highly recommended this product for any fur baby loving family that has cat and or dogs. My fur baby honestly won't touch his food unless he knows I have put #terramaxpro in it. 
All and all 5 stars from me as it's mercury free and has over 15 omegas inside

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