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Sunday, March 12, 2017

#Bellesentials Hair Cutting Set review

1 hair cutting tool
1 bang cutting tool
1 regular scissors
1 thinning scissors

Product casing (the plastic box in the picture) and there was a few teeth missing on the white hair cutting tool. For that I give it 3 stars. 

Was simple to use once I straighten my super thick, natural curly and frizzy hair. Locked in well but it did take a few tries as I have never used one before. The level really helps to get hair even, My hair is beautifully layered. I did not use the bang cutting tool or thinning scissors but tend to at a later date. All split ends are gone. And my hair feels lighter. Highly recommended for those that like to cut there own hair or just aren't happy getting it cut at a salon. As even I could do it.
All and all 3 stars from me as it also took super long shipping.

You can check them out here: LEARN MORE OR BUY HERE

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