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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Vaseline lotion influenster box *MY FIRST BOX*

I was sent:
1 Vaseline intensive care lotion

My very first Influenster box with the new deep healing moisture vaseline intensive care/advanced repair fragrance free lotion.

Okay so this lotion states to heal very dry skin in 5 days. So I will be updating this review every day until the 5th day so all the readers can get my best honest review of this lotion.

Day 1 *1/13/2016*
The lotion is very silky smooth. Even though it don’t have a sent it still smells good. Used on the roughest part of my skin (the heels of my feet as I do not wear shoes to often) So far my feet feel pretty good and somewhat soft.

Day 2 *1/14/2016*
The lotion still feels very smooth. Took a shower and put it on the heels of my feet right after. The heels of my feet look the same as before I started using the lotion.

Day 3 *1/15/2016*
Just got done putting the lotion on the heels of my feet. I am really starting to see the difference now. It's strange and I'm excited to see what day 5 will bring. 

Day 4 *1/16/2016*
My feet and heels feel amazing. Very soft and natural felling. I love it and love the lotion so far.

Day 5 *1/17/2016*
The outcome is amazing. I will be buying more as soon as this bottle runs out. I can actually feel the carpet on my feet again. Its a bit weird but awesome to know there is hope for my feet after all. :p

 I received this product complimentary for testing purpose from Influenster.. 

All & all 5 stars from me as this product truly works :) :) :)

You can check them out here: Influenster's website
And you you can check out the vaseline lotion site here: Vaseline website

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