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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Jane Iredale Review

I was sent:
1 glow card sample time trio
1 card-lipstick Katerina/Kir Royale
1 red lip drink lip balm sheer
1 red just kissed lip & cheek stain forever peach

The glow card is awesome. I really like the BB7 (also had BB6 & BB5 on the card. But they offer eight shades all together) as it blends well with my skin tone. All glows where smooth and not heavy like other brands. I love that it is water resistant for 40 minutes. Also that it has SPF and is easy to take off.

The lip gloss/lipstick card was pretty neat. I myself am not one for lipstick or even dark lipstick. But the Katerina color is pretty cute. I loved the glitter in the Kir royale lip gloss made my lips look shiny. They offer 18 colors of lip gloss and 24 colors of lipstick. 

The lip balm and Cheek/lip stain Smell so good. At first I thought they would come out the way they are colored, (white and orange) I was wrong. They made my lips look beautiful and feel silky. 

All & all I love each product. And there prices aren’t to bad either. 5 Stars from me :) :) :) I would recommend each product I reviewed today to anyone 16 and up. 

You can check them out here:  JANE IREDALE Web Site

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