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Friday, December 11, 2015

DCH Skincare review

I was sent:
1 magazine
1velvet skin coat make-up primer
1 deep cleansing oil
1 concentrated eye cream
1 extra nighttime moisture

After looking through the magazine I realized it’s a bit on the pricy side. However there is a few items that are of reasonable price. Plus sometimes when buying “pricy” skin care items they last a long time and you get better result then you thought you would..

*I used all samples in the order stated in the magazine*

olive oil based cleanser. Feels and smells like oil. But it seems to have done what it stated (removed make-up)

The make-up primer honestly looked like vaseline. But was very soft to the touch and made my face feel rather smooth

The eye cream feels smooth smells pretty good and is very light weight on your face.

The nighttime moisturizer feels good like lotion. and makes my face feel refreshed as well as in the morning. 

All & all I like the last 3 products. 3 Stars from me :) :) :) I would recommend each product I reviewed today to anyone 35 and up..

You can check them out here: DHC SkinCare Web Site

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