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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#GoTriNova Carwash shampoo & conditioner with mitt reivew

1 carwash shampoo & conditioner

1 Mitt

The mitt fills wonderful. So wonderful that I would love to have a carpet made for the same material. Its simple to use and leaved my truck looking amazing. Drys fast as well. The soap with built in conditioner smells suer yummy. I honestly wish I could use it on my hair as with each use the sent last for over 24 hours depend on how long or how far you drive your car. It leaves a nice shine but not like an icky wax shine like you see on most cars from other brands. A little really goes a long way. Highly recommended for those that love to keep cars neat or eaven maybe for use at a car wash owner as its that good
All and all 5 stars from me as it smells and makes my truck look wonderful

You can check them out here: LEARN MORE OR BUY HERE

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