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Monday, August 1, 2016

#InstaNatural Micellar Water review

1 InstaNatural cleanser 8oz

This is the 2nd (Out of 3) product of InstaNatural I have had the chance to try and let me tell you I love them so far. It really made my face feel clean and hydrated. It dry my skin out and took of icky dirt that I didn't even know was on my face. As I mainly just wash with soap and water at night. But not anymore thanks to InstaNatural. I myself don't wear a lot of makeup but I highly recommend this to every one weather you don't wear makeup, wear just a few things (like eye liner, eyeshadow and blush from time to time), Or wear a lot of make up. This product is for you. I can't describe the sent but all 3 products that I have the chance to try smell so, so good. And the ingredients are all natural. What more could you ask for in a cleanser, Really? And the products will last you months. So it's really a wonderful buy.
All and all 5 stars from me as I have found the face system that works for me

You can check them out here: Learn more or buy here

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