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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Brownie brittle review

1 Peanut butter chip
1 Mint chocolate chip
1 Chocolate chip
1 Salted caramel
1 Toffee crunch

The peanut butter chip is neat and taste very much like the real thing. 
The mint chocolate chip is my favorite (I love anything mint honestly). 
The chocolate chip is like a bunch of yummy chocolate mixed into goodness
The salted camel is good but taste more salt (which I myself don't mind) then caramel
The toffee crunch is okay but has no toffee taste what so ever in my opinion.
All and all 5 stars from me as they are truly unique in there own way. I myself love the crunchy part of the brownie rather then the soft and chewy part so these are awesome for me. They are also only 120 calories which makes them extra awesome. And I truly love the personal story of the maker on the back of each bag. Did I mention they are a proud supporter of COOKIES FOR KIDS WITH CANCER?? :) :) :)

You can check them out here: brownie brittle website

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