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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Yummy snack bar review

I was sent:
2 chocolate
2 brownie
2 peppermint
2 peanut butter
2 coconut
2cookie dough

The chocolate was really good as I am a fan anything chocolate lol.

The brownie was okay but did not taste anything like brownie. Come to think of it I have never tried anything “brownie” that taste like it beside the real thing

The peppermint taste so good and has such a nice mix of chocolate and peppermint much like a peppermint patty

The peanut butter that good and is not a real song peanut butter taste like other brands that over do it

The coconut that really good. such an even blend of  both the coconut and chocolate. 

The cookie dough did not taste like cookie dough but i think that because I thought for some reason it would taste like the ice cream.

All and all 5 Star from me. As they where all really good, are gluten free. And offer 7g or sugar, 7g or fiber, 100mg of omega 3 & 7g of protein making them healthy and yummy Good prices too :) :) :) 

You can check them out here: Yummy snack Bar website

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