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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mettle Energy Review

I was sent:
1 green apple
1 strawberry lemonade
1 strawberry kiwi

This company also offers other flavors as well.  Sour Blue Raspberry, Mixed Berry Blue, Tropical Cooler, Orange & Lemon Lime. Which you can add either water or water & club soda. Each pack came with enough powder to make 15 drinks as well as a little scoop in each. The powder was easy to mix and did not leave any clumps like other powder drinks seem to do. It really did give me the energy it claims to. And they did not leave a chalky/nasty after taste.

The Green apple Taste and smell like green apple. Which I loved as its my favorite flavor. An was Really good. Not to sour.

The strawberry lemonade was swell. Even though you could taste both flavors it did taste more of strawberry then lemonade.

The strawberry kiwi had the same effect as the strawberry lemonade.

All and all  5 Stars from me. As the prices rock And I hope to taste other flavors in the future  :) :) :) 

You can check them out here: mettle energy website

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